When you have found your family photographer in Myrtle Beach, a question always comes up – what should we wear to our beach family session? Deciding on what to wear to your family portrait session can be a bit stressful, but as one of the top Myrtle Beach Family Portrait Photographers I am here to help you look your best in your photos. Before our Myrtle Beach family photo session, I will reach out to you about different clothing ideas that would help me capture your family at their best. It is my job to make sure you are proud to display your timeless family portraits in your home and happy to pass them on to the next generations. When deciding on the colors for your outfits, I usually ask families to think of all the beautiful soft colors of the beach during warm summer evenings. Grey or tan color of the sand; blue water; blue, pink and blush color of the sky – these are the best base colors to incorporate into your family outfits. White and navy blue stand out beautifully against soft color palette on the beach, and also compliment the sun-kissed skin tones very well. Here are the examples my favorite color-coordinated outfit ideas for your Myrtle Beach Family Photos.

1. You can always wear all white to your family session in myrtle beach

2. white and grey family outfit ideas in myrtle beach

3. Coordinate WHITE AND TAN for myrtle beach family pictures 

4. Wear NAVY AND TAN to your family session in myrtle beach

5. different shades of BLUE AND WHITE at myrtle beach state Park family session

6. SOFT PINK AND WHITE for airy look during a family session in myrtle beach

7. Combination of PINK AND BLUE during a family photo session in myrtle beach

8. Coordinate BLUSH, TAN AND WHITE for your myrtle beach family portraits

If color coordinated outfits seem like too much work, opt for all-white-look and you will not be disappointed. Think summer dresses in cotton, loose and flirty, white polo shirts for gentlemen, white denim or white linen pants – the sky is the limit. This look may seem very formal, but at the same time crispy white looks classy and sophisticated. You can add different textures to your family beach clothing to go for more unique look. White stands out well against soft beach color palette and serves as reflector of light for your portraits. If you are looking to print timeless classic portraits from your family beach photography session in Myrtle Beach, have everyone in your family wear all white.

Grey color by itself is sophisticated, classic and chic. When mixed with timeless white, it creates gorgeous look for your family beach portraits, especially when different textures are used to reflect your personalities. Add grey knitted cardigan to your white maxi dress, for casual but very interesting and eye-catching look. Grey contrasts well against warm skin tones but it does not stand out, which makes the main subjects of your beach family pictures pop.

I am not a big fan of traditionally matching outfits with white tops and khaki bottoms. However, they do look great on the wall. If you decide to go for this timeless look, I would recommend trying to coordinate this two colors instead of having everyone in your family wear the same thing. For example, ladies should stick to dresses and skirts and even consider layering. Think white or tan dresses. The same for little girls. Adding these solid color clothing pieces will break the too matching look and make for gorgeous family beach pictures.

All shades of blue look great for your family beach pictures. However, if you decide to go with navy blue, consider adding a neutral color that does not contrast with navy blue too much. For example, go for khaki or tan color rather than white. This way, the eye will be naturally drawn to your family members rather than highly contrasting clothing.

This fresh color palette is perfect for your beach family photos because it mimics beach surroundings so well. The blue can be found in the sky and the color of water which will be in the background in your beach family photos. Different shades of blue look great together, and adding white to the palette makes the look more preppy and sophisticated.

This look is less traditional but very classy and sophisticated at the same time. Soft pink complements very well your sun tan and makes for glowing images. Please, don’t be afraid to go for this fresh and unique look.

Men, women and children look amazing during their family beach picture session in Myrtle Beach in this preppy color combination. Try pink or salmon color polos for boys and gentlemen and and blue seersucker bottoms, so Southern and sophisticated. Ladies and girls will look great in pink or blue seersucker dresses.

Adding blush to the traditional mix of white and tan makes a great visual appeal and would make your photos look unique. It is a beautiful and sophisticated color that would complement well to your summer tan. Again, consider layering your clothing and adding different textures to bring more visual appeal and interest to your photos.



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