Wedding Day Tips

Your wedding day is near and while you are still working on final touches for your timeline, we would like to share with you 12 time-saving wedding planning tips for your picture perfect wedding day. It will help you save time during the wedding day and utilize more time for your beautiful wedding day photos. The key to getting great photos is discussing your timeline in detail with your photographer and allocating time buffers for the unexpected moments early in the day. This will help to ensure that everything goes by the plan and photographer’s time is used wisely.


When you are planning your wedding day, choose a getting ready location that is spacious and full of natural light. We will take a good amount of photos there, from candid moments with your bridesmaids and bridal details to putting a dress on and your first bridal portrait. Please, choose the environment with many windows, light muted- color walls and lots of unfurnished space.

Hair and Makeup 

Ask your hair and makeup artist for an estimated time on how long it will take to get everyone pampered, and then add 1 hour (!) as a buffer. This will help to ensure that non of the planned photos are missed or cut short because hair and makeup took longer than anticipated (which happens very often). It’s not only that. Not following the planned timeline on your wedding day may create the unnecessary stress for you, and might not help with looking relaxed and radiant in your photos.


Before taking your getting ready photos, we will set the stage for things to happen but we will need help from your bridesmaids. Please make sure all their personal items and bags stay away from the sight and the furniture like couches, chairs, coffee table, etc. Make sure that any boxes, changes of clothes and other items that you don’t want us to photograph are away from the sight. We will still tidy up the room by moving things out of the way if needed, but the less time we spend doing it, the more beautiful photos you will receive.


Wedding day is a busy day for the mother of the bide and often her hair and makeup is not done until the last moment. As a result, when you are about to put your wedding dress on, your mom is not there to share this special moment with you because she is still getting ready herself. That is why we recommend having her hair and makeup done early and have her dressed in her gown by the time you are ready to put your dress on.

Perfect Wedding Details 

After greeting everyone and assessing the light, the next thing we do is getting detail shots. They make a nice start to the story of your wedding day and act as a warm up for us and for people in the room who need some time to get used to having photographers around. The detail shots include:

Elegant, well-designed invitations that set the tone for your wedding and provide all necessary information.

Choose a venue that complements your style, whether it's a rustic barn, a beachfront resort, a city rooftop, or a picturesque garden.

Beautiful floral arrangements that match your color scheme and theme, from bouquets to centerpieces.

Consider the table settings, linens, chair covers, and other décor elements that create the ambiance you desire.

Ceremony Setup
Ensure your ceremony space is beautifully decorated, with an eye-catching altar or arch.

Wedding Attire
The bride's dress and the groom's suit or tuxedo should make them feel stunning and dashing, respectively.


As we focus on capturing those beautiful wedding detail shots, we're always mindful of the moments unfolding around us. We understand that your day is filled with special and unexpected moments. While we do our best to anticipate and document them, we kindly request that you keep us informed if you're planning something extraordinary.

Whether it's a heartfelt gift exchange, a heartwarming toast with your closest friends, a poignant first look with your dad, or any other meaningful event that you want to cherish forever, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your guidance ensures that we capture every precious memory, so your wedding day story is complete and unforgettable.

Bridal Photos on Wedding Day

Without any significant changes to the timeline, and if there's extra time once you're dressed and ready, we'd love to seize the opportunity to capture a few quick bridal portraits. This moment is unique because it represents the freshest and most perfect you'll look all day.

Ideally, setting aside a 10-minute time slot for these intimate pre-ceremony portraits would allow us to create beautiful and timeless images you'll treasure forever. It's a chance to capture your radiance and excitement just before you say I do.

Where to Send Your Bouquets 

To ensure a seamless photography experience, please arrange for the bouquets to be delivered to the getting ready location before you put on your wedding dress. Ideally, we'd like the flower stems to be dry by the time we're ready for formal photos outdoors.

For the gentlemen, if boutonnieres need to be attached at the location of their formal photos, please have them arrive 15 minutes earlier. Designate a person in advance to assist with attaching the boutonnieres. Kindly note that wedding photographers are not expected to handle boutonniere attachment.

Family Photo List 

We recommend creating a shot list for immediate family members to ensure we efficiently capture the most beautiful and flattering family portraits. This approach allows us to allocate more time for your couple's photos, ensuring they are as unique as possible.

With a shorter list, we can meticulously pose each family member, finding their most flattering angles. Achieving these great shots takes time, and a concise family list facilitates this process.

We kindly request that you designate a person responsible for the shot list to streamline everything. This individual should be familiar with your family members by name and be able to assist us in identifying each person on the list. This coordination will help us work smoothly and capture beautiful memories for you and your loved ones.

Special Guest at Your Wedding

Should you have any special guests, such as a long-lost aunt or a cherished relative facing serious health concerns, we offer two options to ensure their inclusion in your photos: For weddings with a concise group shot list, we can include portraits with these special guests immediately after the ceremony.

We strongly recommend planning these special wedding photos during breaks in the reception festivities. In this scenario, the designated person overseeing the shot list should assist us in locating and organizing photos with these important individuals.

It's essential to understand that, as outlined in our contract, weddings are dynamic and unpredictable events. While we will make every effort to fulfill your requests, we cannot guarantee the capture of all requested photos. Our commitment is to strive our utmost to accommodate your wishes and create lasting memories.

Feeding the Photographer at a Wedding

To ensure the best photography experience for you and your guests, we typically request to have our meal at the same time as the wedding party. This timing allows everyone to enjoy their meal without the concern of being photographed while eating.

While some venues arrange meals for the staff after all the guests have been served, we kindly request an exception for the photography team. It's important that we're included in the meal service along with the wedding party. This ensures we can capture important moments, such as speeches, immediately after the meal.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in communicating this essential detail to the event coordinator and the kitchen staff to facilitate a seamless and memorable photography experience.

How to Properly Cut a Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is a cherished tradition, symbolizing the couple's first joint task as newlyweds. To do it with grace and style, begin by gathering your guests around the cake table. This ensures that everyone can witness this memorable moment. You'll want to hold the cake-cutting knife together as you and your spouse stand, signifying your unity and partnership in this life journey.

The first cut is a significant one, often made into the bottom tier of the cake. Carefully insert the knife together and slice a small, neat piece. It's customary for the newlyweds to feed each other than this first bite, symbolizing their commitment to nourishing and caring for one another. Following this, continue cutting slices for your guests, typically served by catering staff. Remember to savor this moment, exchange smiles, and make eye contact, as it's not just about cake but also about sharing your joy with loved ones.

Lastly, don't forget about the top tier of the wedding cake. Tradition dictates that it's saved for the first anniversary or another special occasion. Wrap it securely and store it in the freezer to preserve it properly. This sweet tradition lets you relive the joy of your wedding day a year later, reaffirming your love and commitment to each other. So, cutting the wedding cake isn't just a delightful dessert moment; it's a beautiful expression of love and partnership that sets the tone for your life together as a married couple.

These are just a few suggested tips based on our experience. If you have any questions, please give us a call and we will be glad to go over any specifics of your day. We are very excited to be there with you and meet your family and friends!

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