Among the top wedding photographers in Myrtle Beach and Charleston SC, we are known very well known for our unique perspective on wedding photography. As a couple in love and two artists at heart, we believe in epic love stories between two people. May it be in your gestures, in your gaze, in the way you make each other smile, or in those small moments in between when others might miss it. We look for these expressions of love in your every move and in your every breath. And we capture them as a living proof that epic love stories do exist.



The William Aiken House Wedding Photography in Charleston sc

wachesaw plantation wedding photography in murrells inlet





Pine Lakes Country Club Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer - Cameron and Wilson’s wedding at Pine Lakes Country Club in Myrtle Beach was a dream! This gorgeous couple threw the most epic Myrtle Beach wedding weekend for their guests and of course they had Citadel cadets do a sword arch for the newly weds! 

A Charming Wachesaw Plantation Club Wedding in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This plantation is a true southern wedding venue, that is overlooking the Waccamaw River, nestled among live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Stephanie and Jason could not have picked a more gorgeous wedding venue to celebrate their special day

The William Aiken House Wedding Photography of Kristen and Robert. This beautiful wedding venue is located in the heart of Downtown Charleston, SC. Are you looking for Charleston Wedding Photographer? We are based in Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island, SC but travel to Charleston for wedding photography.

As experienced Myrtle Beach and Charleston wedding and engagement photographers, we always think about a mission of each photo we create and the significance of each memory of the day. Every step of the way, our goal is to create photographs that allow anyone to relate on a human level to a moment that would normally go unnoticed. Each photo should have a meaning of its own, its unique spark, and when viewed in chronological order with the rest of your wedding day images, your unique love story is being artistically told all over again.


Very often during a wedding day we take photojournalistic approach. This is the time when we capture from the distance and let the story unfold before our eyes. May it be private moment with your dad, ceremony, or dance floor action.


Editorial Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography


When we switch our gears to editorial photography style, we take charge of the moment and infuse it with a spontaneous or carefully crafted idea. Our signature images are usually photographed with editorial approach. These are the imaged that editors of wedding magazines would pick for their print publications. For example, bridal party portraits, styled bridal details, tables capes of your reception.  

Our wedding day photography style is a blend of multiple photography specialties in one. You might have already noticed that our work falls between the lines of wedding photojournalism, fine art wedding portraiture and editorial wedding photography. Even though that sometimes it is hard to draw these lines, we define these three styles as follows:

As fine art wedding photographers, we are actively creating art while capturing the story of your day. This is where photojournalism blends with editorial style. This is where we focus on the result rather than a method of creating a photo, and we either document like in photojournalism or curate an image like in editorial photography. We believe that every moment during a wedding day has the potential to turn into a photograph that could be a stand alone piece in an art gallery. Think of an image that deserves a large wall display in your home. This would be a fine art image.



You invest so much time and energy to plan for your wedding, may it be in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Charlotte or beyond. But we are here to help to make the process easy and enjoyable. Start by reading our tips for your amazing wedding day photos with us. 


Our couples are kind and caring, they make every effort to make sure that all their guests enjoy themselves every step of the way.

But when their wedding day is here, our couples know that they deserve to be well taken care of by their wedding photographers. They want their classic style and impeccable taste to be reflected in their wedding day photos. They want to be seen as they are, authentic and original.

They prefer to be guided rather than posed. They want to be allowed to enjoy each other while being photographed. They’d take honest moments over perfectly staged ones, and they are looking forward to reliving them a million times after their wedding day is over.

Are you looking for wedding photographers in Myrtle Beach or Charleston, SC? If you think we might be just the right fit, don’t wait to reach out to us. We take a limited number of weddings per year to provide the best experience to our couples. We cannot wait to hear all about you two.

Our couples understand the power of great images, and they would never compromise on something that stays forever. 




Each frame, each photo is a visual summary of multiple decisions made by your Charleston and Myrtle Beach wedding photographers. Many of them are made in advance through experimental practice. These decisions include an educated choice of photography equipment that they need to bring to your wedding, development of photography style that made you fall in love with their work, or use of artistic techniques that deliver that style consistently through your entire wedding photo gallery. As a computer running several programs at once, your photographer has to continuously factor in many other on-going decisions like choice of appropriate lenses for each individual situation, new camera settings for each direction they photograph, best locations for your wedding portraits, position of the subject and camera in relation to the light source, artfully framing the subject and making a decision to use appropriate external lighting when needed, while also being in charge of human interaction that creates the mood of the photographs. It takes a special skill set to make these decisions flawlessly each and every time. Do you think that’s all? What you also don’t see is your photographers work after the wedding when they work countless hours to enhance the beauty of already perfect images and make them print ready for your family heirloom. Something that seems so effortless usually takes thousands of hours of training, and when blended with a unique artistic vision of your Myrtle Beach or Charleston wedding photographer, creates successfully executed wedding day imagery.