An Unexpected Guest at Debordieu Wedding in South Carolina

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Jennifer and Alex welcomed an unexpected guest at their wedding at Debordieu Club in Georgetown, SC. When they started planning their beachfront outdoor celebration, they did not plan for Tropical Storm Ana to show up. Simply because, tropical storms or hurricanes in early May on the Coast of South Carolina are very unusual. But thankfully, the couple picked the venue that could accommodate to their plan B. The ceremony was still held on the outside according to the plan. However, the reception was moved inside of the clubhouse. I am really glad, the wedding planner and the venue manager at Debordieu Club moved forward with the plan B, because the storm brought lots of rain and very strong winds.

Another change in plans that I recommended for Jennifer and Alex is to do a first look. Nobody knew how bad the weather would be during the ceremony or after. I must say, this last minute decision to break the tradition and to see each other during a private moment was crucial in order to ensure the portraits of bride and groom in the best possible lighting condition. The wind was very strong and Jennifer’s veil kept flying away. The clouds were so dark that it seemed it would start pouring at any moment.

However, when Jennifer and Alex saw one another, they instantly forgot about the crazy weather and could not let go of each other. This is when this magical moment happened.

An Unexpected Guest at Debordieu Wedding | Charleston Destination Wedding Photography

An Unexpected Guest at Debordieu Wedding in South Carolina

Here are some of Jennifer’s memories about the day.

“The wind was so strong my veil flew off a few times and my hair was blowing like crazy, but somehow Pasha worked with nature and the pictures came out better than I could have imagined. I am so thankful for Pasha. He is amazing!”

As a result, this photo won Bridal Guide’s Award of one of the Best Photos of 2015.

Jennifer and Alex, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day and capture the love you have for each other. For more photos from this Oceanside South Carolina Wedding, click here.

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