Family Beach Picture Ideas on the Beach


Family Picture Ideas on the Beach 

family pictures at the beach

Family beach vacations are always so much fun and offer tons of opportunities for amazing family photos. But if you're not sure how to take great beach family vacation pictures, don't worry. We have a few ideas for family pictures at the beach, that you can use during your next family portrait session.


Lighting on the beach can be the biggest challenge for family pictures. Because there’s tons of harsh sunlight and no shade. 

Taking family photos on the beach in direct sunlight becomes very hard for both the people in photos and the person taking their pictures. Taking family photos on the beach in the direct sun maybe beautiful on your iPhone, but it is not comfortable for people in the photos.

But when the light is behind, the person in your photo may appear too dark or rather more like a silhouette if you don’t know how to shoot in manual mode with your camera.

So if you have no photography back ground but still want great family pictures on the beach, take photos in one of these three light conditions.

1. Family Beach Pictures on Cloudy Day

2. In the large shaded area (like shade from hotels when sun is behind them)

3. During the blue hour which is time immediately after the sunset or right before the sunrise when the light is soft and even all around. 

As professional Myrtle Beach family beach photographers, we know how to bring sun into your beach pictures without sacrificing the comfort of people in the photos. At the same time, we provide the highest quality family beach pictures that are worth framing.


Many families vacationing near Myrtle Bach, SC travel here from various states because beach bring them instant joy. Most of them also take their family pictures on the beach with our studio. Why not capture it during your family beach session? 

We highly recommend for you to read our post about: What to Wear to Your Family Beach Pictures. There you will find many amazing ideas for family pictures on the beach and outfit ideas. 

So instead of posed moments during your family session on the beach, try real moments. Spontaneously, take that photo of your kids running on the edge of the water, laughing and playing in the sand. You can always find creative ideas for family pictures on the beach on our website. 

As some of the top family photographers on the beach in Myrtle Beach area, we know the value of traditional posed family pictures. During our beach photoshoots, we also let kids be kids and enjoy themselves. Adults enjoy those candid moments too, especially when they least expect them. 


During your family pictures on the beach, you should look around and get creative with surroundings. Adding beach elements into your photos can tell a visual story and create very captivating family pictures. For, example, foot prints on the sand, the sandy toes of your little ones, the pier, the lifeguard chairs, shells, and beautiful clouds. 

Our professional family photoshoots take place at different beach locations, and each of them have their unique elements. We recommend that you read our post about: How to Find The Best Family Photographer at the Beach

For example, this location at Huntington Beach State Park had amazing dunes. By placing family near the dunes, we were able to bring this beautiful element into family beach pictures. At parents discretion, we allow kids to run around and have fun, while we capture the moments. 

These are only a few ideas for family pictures on the beach that will get you started creating the best family photos. Of course, we are here if you would rather trust a professional family photographer at the beach, with the best beach family vacation pictures. If you would like to see more options for amazing family beach pictures ideas, we recommend you read our post about: 10 Ideas for The Best Beach Family Pictures 

From advice on what to wear to your beach family photoshoot to creating the most joyful experience for all the members in your family and proving the most amazing family beach photos, Pasha Belman Photography team is going to create beautiful lasting memories that your family deserves. 

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