10 Ideas for Best Family Beach Pictures by Top Family Photographer

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You should know that the secret to the best Myrtle Beach beach family photos and family picture ideas lies in preparing for your family portrait session. 

As some of the best Myrtle Beach Photographers  we put together a list of 10 Ideas For The Best Beach Family Photos to help you and your family have the best portraits on the beach and some of the most fantastic family beach photography experience.

Wear Comfortable Clothing to your Family Beach Photos

While choosing the outfit ideas for your family beach session, the number one tip to keep in mind is to find clothing that makes you feel comfortable.

Start your outfit planning ideas very early so you will make sure that everything looks just perfect. 

You want to make sure that nothing in your clothing bothers you on the day of your photo session and you stay happy and relaxed during your beach session. Remember, this will show in your family portraits.  Here you will find family photo ideas.

Coordinate Colors During Your Family Session

We recommend coordinating two-three colors among your family members. The photos will look much more visually appealing than if everyone decides to wear the same thing.

For ideas on how to coordinate colors, please visit this link: 8 Most Beautiful Outfit Ideas for Family Beach Pictures

Wear Solid Color Clothing to Your Family Pictures 

Solid muted colors help your family photographer create family photos that draw viewer’s attention to the subjects in the family photos rather than their clothing.

Therefore, try to limit patterns, especially large stripes. Also, stay away from large logos, graphics and characters.

For Ladies, Choose Tops and Dresses with Sleeves 

Everyone looks better in pictures with covered shoulders because open shoulders create area of skin larger than face and therefore draws attention away from the face.

Also, in the summer time many ladies have tan lines that they probably would not want to see in their fine art family portraits. The best way to avoid them during your pictures at the beach is to cover your shoulders with sleeves.  As one of the top family photographers at the beach, we would be happy to provide you with family outfit ideas and what to wear to your family session.


You want to make sure the underwear is not visible from under your clothing. This is very important when you choose to wear white pieces of clothing to your family session at the beach.

If you do that, choose tan underwear. I recommend investing in baby bloomers for little girls in short dresses. This way, their diapers and underwear does not show in your family photos.


Again, we want to make sure that your face is the main focus in your photos during your family session, and not your statement necklace, trendy watch or oversized earrings.


On the day of your family beach portrait session, you want to look natural and relaxed, just like the environment you are being photographed in.

Don’t overdo it with excessive makeup, evening hairstyle or a brand new haircut that you are not used to. Do you need someone locally in Myrtle Beach or Pawleys island area to do your hair and makeup for your session?

We would be happy to recommend a professional makeup artist for your family portraits at the beach.


At your family portrait session, you will be kneeling down on the sand. If your skin is moisturized, the sand will stick to it and it won’t be easy to get rid of it.

The best advice is to skip lotion on the day of your photo session all together.


Some Family Photographers take families to the beach in the morning, during sunrise. However, we think that the best time for your family beach pictures is in the evening, approximately one hour before the sunset.

In the summertime, the sunset is late in the evening and sometimes little family members are already tired.

To keep everyone energized and excited about fun times at the beach with your family photographer, please make sure that adults and kids alike have a snack or even early dinner before your beach session.

The main goal is to make sure that all family members are happy and relaxed.


During your family photography session at the beach, you won’t be able to accept phone calls and take pictures because you are going to be in the pictures. I hope you enjoyed our family photo ideas and were able to learn a lot about beach poses from our photos. 

Therefore, there is no need to carry these items including sunglasses to the beach. Storing anything in your pockets will show in photos and will pull down your clothing which may also be uncomfortable. 

Pasha Belman Photography is a husband and wife wedding, family and senior portrait photography team based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Recognized as some of the top Myrtle Beach Photographers with the best family session ideas.


When it comes to creating lasting memories, few things can compare to a family beach day. The sun, sand, and sea provide a beautiful backdrop for capturing precious moments. In this guide, we'll share tips and techniques for taking stunning family beach photos that you'll cherish forever.

The golden hours of sunrise and sunset offer the perfect lighting for beach photography. The soft, warm glow of the sun enhances the beauty of your family photos. Plan your beach outing during these times for the best results.


The best family beach photos often come from capturing genuine interactions. Encourage your family to enjoy the beach naturally – running, playing, building sandcastles, or simply relaxing. These candid moments can result in heartwarming images.

Get creative with your photography by experimenting with different angles and perspectives. Try shooting from low down to capture children's perspectives or go higher for a unique vantage point. Variety in your shots will add depth to your photo collection.

Be mindful of the sun's position when taking beach photos. Position your family with the sun behind them to avoid harsh shadows and minimize squinting. This technique also ensures that the scenic elements of the beach are well-lit.


The "Group Hug Pose" is a heartwarming choice for family beach photos. Gather your loved ones in a tight embrace right on the sandy shoreline. This pose beautifully portrays the warmth and togetherness that defines your family bond. It's a simple yet incredibly touching pose that radiates love and connection.

Opt for the "Walking Along the Water" pose to capture spontaneous and genuine moments. Have your family stroll along the water's edge with the picturesque beach as your backdrop. This relaxed setting often results in natural smiles and authentic laughter, making for wonderfully candid photographs that reflect your family's joy and closeness.